Highways, roads and streets

"Trace Group Hold" PLC is the Bulgarian leader in the field of construction of road infrastructure. The company participates in the implementation of major projects from the national road infrastructure, including the completion of Trakia Motorway and Hemus Motorway. TRACE also participates in the construction of the Serbian section of Corridor 10.

The holding's companies successfully implement road network and urban infrastructure reconstruction and rehabilitation projects. The company has the resources to build and maintain a system for the organization of traffic, vertical signs and horizontal road markings.

"Trace Group Hold" PLC is one of the first Bulgarian construction companies to apply the "cold in-place recycling" method. This is a contemporary method for recovery of compromised pavements. It allows to use 100% of the available material in place, which is a huge advantage, as it reduces the overall number of construction works, emissions and the deadlines for construction.  For the application of this method, the company works with the most advanced machinery and utilizes a wide range of technology - both traditional and innovative. 

Stabilization is a huge advantage in modern road construction, as it provides high quality, durability, fast performance, reduction of the total number of construction operations and exhaust emissions. TRACE is one of the first Bulgarian construction companies to apply this method at home and abroad.  In 2014, the holding set up a licensed subsidiary, profiled in the implementation of in-place stabilizations in Qatar - Redco Trace International.