For shareholders

Corporate Governance

  • Good corporate management is fundamental to the realization of the strategic objectives of "Trace Group Hold" PLC. Our main goal is to create long-term sustainable results for shareholders, employees and society as a whole.
  • The management of "Trace Group Hold" PLC is built on internationally recognized standards of good corporate management in the European Community and the National Code of Corporate Governance.  
  • As a public company, "Trace Group Hold" PLC adheres to the principles of transparency, equity, accountability, and objectivity. They are at the heart of its business practices, and facilitate the establishment and functioning of effective controls and risk management, timely reflect changes in regulations and disclosure of information.  
  • Corporate governance of "Trace Group Hold" PLC is a system with clearly defined functions, rights and responsibilities on levels - Board of Directors of the holding, Management Boards and the Boards of Directors of subsidiaries and their executive directors.
  • The Board of Directors manages the holding and solves all issues related to its activity, except those in the prerogative of the General Meeting of Shareholders.

The corporate management of "Trace Group Hold" PLC is a balanced interaction between shareholders, the company's management and all stakeholders. Priority number one is the protection of the shareholders' rights with good and transparent management.  The corporate manament of "Trace Group Hold" PLC provides timely and accurate disclosure on all material matters regarding the company's activity.  The policy on provision and dissemination of information is based on the rule of equal treatment to shareholders and potential investors. The management of  "Trace Group Hold" PLC continuously monitors the maintenance of structural and internal documents of the company in accordance with the legal requirements and good corporate practices that guarantee the following for the shareholders:  

  • secure methods for registration of ownership;
  • transmission or transfer of shares;
  • regular and timely receipt of information relating to the company;
  • participation and vote at the general meeting of shareholders;
  • participation in the election of governing bodies;
  • participation in the distribution of the company profits.