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Rehabilitation of “Bulgaria” Blvd. in Sofia, Bulgaria

The project is funded by: State budget
Budget: 11 576 408, 45 BGN without VAT
Start date: 08 Aug 2018
End date: 01 Sep 2018
Employer: Sofia Municipality
Contractor: “Trace – Road construction” Jsc

On 08.08.2018 “Trace Group Hold” Plc signed a contract with Sofia Municipality for "Design and implementation of rehabilitation works on “Bulgaria” Blvd. from “Fritjof Nansen” Blvd. to Sofia Ring Road and “Daskal Stoyan Poppanreev” Blvd. from Sofia Ring Road to a bridge over Boyana River". The teams of the subsidiary company “Trace - Road Construction” Jsc carried out the rehabilitation of Sofia “Bulgaria”Blvd. in the period August - September 2018. On the entire length of the reconstructed section (between "Gotse Delchev” Blvd. and "Petko Todorov" Blvd.) a network of metal "road mesh" was installed, a part of the curbs and the protective fences were replaced, and also the waterproofing of the compromised underpasses was replaced.

Video of the rehabilitation process is available here.