"Trace Group Hold" PLC works at sites of national and regional importance and takes part in international projects. Its market activity includes rehabilitation, reconstruction and construction of roads, highways, airports, underground stations and underground railways, ground railroads and facilities, urban infrastructure and road marking. The company builds water-supplying and gas-distributing networks and wastewater treatment plants. It participates in the national program for strengthening sliding areas and emergency reconstruction activities at times of natural disasters. "Trace Group Hold" PLC is very successful in the field of high construction. The holding carries out projects under the operational programs of the European Union. It meets the requirements and criteria for participation in international procedures of NATO through the NATO Agency for Maintenance and Supplies.

  • Trace Group Hold PLC
    Sofia Трейс Груп Холд АД


      Branch Manager: Dipl. Eng. Stoyko Meshkov

      Address: 11 000 Belgrade, 9/5Kniaz Milos Str.





      Branch Manager: Manol Denev

      Address: 11 000 Prague, 1746/52 Klimentska Str.

      Telephone: +359 2 80 66 680

      Fax: +359 2 80 66 711



      Branch Manager: Dipl. Eng. Ivan Katsarov

      Skopje 1000 1/3-28 Anton Popov Str.
      +359 80 66 680
      +359 80 66 711


      Branch Manager: Manol Denev

      Address: 02000 Kyiv, 7 Sechenova Str.

      Telephone: +359 80 66 680

      Fax: +359 2 80 66 711

      Kyiv 02000 7 Sechenova Str.
    • Subsidiaries
      • TRACE BG JSC

         „Trace BG" JSC is one of the leading Bulgarian companies working in the area of construction, reconstruction, rehabilitation and maintenance of roads and road infrastructure, metro (subway) projects, railway infrastructure and construction of structures. It is specialized in the field of public infrastructure construction and development of residential areas. The company has expertise in the implementation of projects connected with the increasing of energy efficiency. The company implements water supply and sewerage systems, wastewater treatment plants, participates in emergency-restoration activities after natural disasters and industrial accidents.

        Executive directors: Dipl. Eng. George Ivanov, Manol Kavrakov

        Sofia 1404 Gotse Delchev Quarter, 15 "Metlichina polyana" Street, fl. 2
        +359 2 8193 600
        +359 2 8193 602

          „Trace Serbia” JSC is a company focusing its activities in the regions of Nis and Vranjein the Republic of Serbia. Its scope of activities includes construction of roads and structures, maintenance and repair of specialized construction equipment and maintenance of water and sewerage sector, including gas distribution and water supply networks, WWTPs, integrated water supply and treatment projects, solid waste treatment installations; landfills, communal services.

        Executive directors: Dipl. Eng. Stoyko Meshkov, Dipl. Eng. Predrag Spasov

        Niš 18000 13 а GeneralaTranijea Str
        +381 18 517 000

         „Trace Yambol” JSC is among the largest infrastructure companies in Yambol District. It has a wealth of distinguished experience in maintaining highways, roads and road structures, as well as in the construction of public infrastructure and development of residential areas. The company works on sites of both local and national importance. It successfully implements projects under the EU operational programmes.

        Executive director: Dipl. Eng. Ivan Hristov

        Yambol 8600 2 d-r Petar Branekov str
        +359 46 66 32 63
        +359 46 66 32 62
      • USM JSC

          „USM” JSC is among the country's major companies for construction mechanization management.  It has over 150 advanced construction machines and its own rehabilitation and maintenance service. The company is involved in the implementation of the largest construction projects in the country, in the rehabilitation, current repairs and winter maintenance of a large part of the municipal and national road network. „USM” JSC, besides for the holding's needs, provides rental of equipment on competitive prices. 

        Executive Director: Tonyo Stoev


        Stara Zagora 6000 Golesh Quarter, USM headquarters
        +359 42 61 33 43
        +359 42 61 33 50

         TRACE COMPANY S.R.L. is a company established for the execution of infrastructure projects on the territory of the Republic of Moldova. Its main scope of activity covers: construction, ongoing repair and maintenance of highways, roads, streets, city and municipal communications and any infrastructure structures surrounding them, maintenance of roads, road accessories and road structures; construction of underground railway lines and railway roads, construction of tunnels; construction of railway and road facilities; design, engineering and commercial activities; performing all kinds of services with construction equipment, cargo and other activities.

        Manager: Andrian Majeru

        Republic of Moldova, Chisinau Municipality, Vatra, Prunchul 1/1 Street, office 3

        +359 2 80 66 680
        +359 80 66 711

         "Infra Commerce" Ltd. Scope of activity covers mainly consulting services; investment services; domestic and foreign trade activities; mediation and agency of Bulgarian and foreign individuals; production and trade of road marking paints and plastics (having extreme strength and durability suitable for roads, motorways, airfields, car parks, playgrounds and sport grounds); wide color range of plain and acrylic paints for interior and exterior painting, structural silicone based decorative plasters, polymer plasters with dragged and scratched structure (all products are specially tested and certified)."

        Director: Ventsislav Georgiev

        Sofia 1404 71 James Bourchier Blvd.
        +359 2 81 11 208

         „Infra Commerce LTD Belgrade Branch” is an entity responsible for wholesale business activities. It was formed as a result of „Trace Group Hold” PLC policy to establish an independent trading entity on the territory of Serbia to support locally the activities of the Serbian companies of Trace.

        Director: Gergana Toteva

        Belgrade , 9/5 Kniaz Milos Str.


         „Trace Properties” LTD is specialized in the business of real estate management and offers all kind of services not included in the main scope of activates of Trace Group.

        Director: Dipl. Eng. Yanko Yanchev

        Sofia 1407 , 71 James Bourchier Blvd.,
        +359 2 80 66 700, +359 885 002 763
    • Affiliates

         „Engproject" Ltd has a sole scope of activity - the design. The company has developed numerous projects in the field of road infrastructure and urban and extra-urban engineering networks. The design team has participated in the preparation of separate projects related to the completion of Trakia Highway, Hemus Highway and Sofia Underground. The team has created numerous projects for rehabilitation, reconstruction and repair of road infrastructure from the national and municipal road network. The company has developed general urban development plan for Stara Zagora and the city's communication and transport system, including the integrated plan for urban reconstruction and development.

        Director: Arch. Konstantin Kosev

        Sofia Druzhba District, 152 "Prof. Tsvetan Lazarov" Blvd, fl. 4

        +359 2 42 62 153
        +359 2 81 93 602