Human Resources

The philosophy of the management of "Trace Group Hold" PLC is that success depends on the personal success of every employee. This is the leading maxim of the organization's politics in the human resources area. The contemporary market requirements of the construction business are: high quality construction, adherence to contract terms and optimal low price for the investor. These requirements, combined with the raised public interest for infrastructure projects and payment of public funds for them, require deployment of major personnel policy in "Trace Group Hold" PLC for the right selection, training and development of the needed workers, employees and managers.  Their policy is to employ only the best experts. "Trace Group Hold" PLC offers:

  • very good working environment;
  • very good working organization;
  • real opportunities for professional carrier development;
  • remuneration levels above average for the industry.

Market realities require the skills to create different-sized units in different sites. The holding has extensive experience in creating and managing working teams, concentrated for separate relevant sites or newly registered companies, successfully solving their tasks and promoting the company and the holding's authority, as a serious and responsible partner of state, municipal and private principals and investors. Motivation of each employee is the management's priority number one. Motivation is achieved with clear development strategy of every single one in the company and the holding in several directions: 

  • professional development of specialists and workers through trainings for further qualification, and narrow specialization for specific professional areas;
  • providing time and opportunity to raise the level of education and acquisition of higher qualification;
  • stimulating the initiative for learning foreign languages, work with specialized software, introduction and adoption of new technology and techniques;
  • stimulating the innovative thinking which gives creative people the opportunity to put their ideas into practice;
  • the holding's and company's management enables each proven worker, employee and manager to develop and grow a career in one or another company within our group, consistent with his or her personal and professional interests.

If you are interested in our company and want to develop in the field of infrastructure construction and business, please send your CV and cover letter to Eng.  Ivan Hristov, Director of administrative and personnel management "Trace Group Hold" PLC to: