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Construction of E 75 Highway, Section: Grdelica – Caricina Dolina, Republic of Serbia

The project is funded by: European Investment Bank
Budget: 38 000 000 Euro
Start date: 13 Oct 2014
End date: 31 Mar 2019
Employer: Koridori Srbije Ltd., Belgrade, Republic of Serbia

Project: Construction of E 75 Highway, Section: Grdelica – Caricina Dolina, Republic of Serbia, Lot 2: Road and bridges from Tunnel "Predejane" to Caricina Dolina, Republic of Serbia.

The project is a section of E 75 highway and is part of Corridor No. 10. It includes the section from Grdelica (Upper Field) to Caricina Dolina and LOT 2: road and bridges from tunnel "Predejane" to Caricina Dolina). The road that is going to be constructed with very high complexity. The road is located in the south-eastern part of the country, close to the Bulgarian border, in the area between Niš and the Macedonian border.

The project has a total length of 4,650 m, out of which there are 4 big facilities, with total length of the direct trace of 1,305 m.

The site includes the construction of road junction Predejane (free solution of the junction), with two 6-opening bridging facilities, each with length of 120 m.

One of the main challenges of the project is that the direct trace of the future highway is developed in very rough mountain terrain, in the valley of South Morava river, and parallel to the highway, there is an electrified one-way railway line and two-lain main road E75.

In order to provide access to the site, it is required to construct three temporary crossings of the South Morava river, with length of 30 m and temporary crossings of the railway line with railway crosses.

In a section of 400 m there is a sloped trench with maximum height of 40 m – 5 terraces of 8 m, with swath 5:1, provided for strengthening through SN anchors, armed net and shotcrete.

In a section of 1,400 m it is provided the existing trace of main road E 75 to be moved and due to the high roughness of the terrain, the construction of support and fortification walls is provided.

The contractor for the site is JV "Trace, Bulgaria (share of 90%) – Mostovik, Russia". Consultant and engineer is Consortium "Luis Berger", France, "Egnatia Odos", Greece and "Luis Berger" d.o.o., Serbia, designer – CIP, Serbia.

The site is constructed as per the red FIDIC. The funding is provided by the European Investment Bank.

A brief technical description of the project:

Total volume of construction works:

  • Excavation works          316 000 m3
  • Embankments               400 000 m3
  • Reinforcement embankments   100 000 m3
  • Pavements                       100 000 m3
  • Asphalt works                  44 000 t.


  • 9 bridges
  • 3 overpasses
  • 1 underpass
  • 3 culverts with length of 5 m.

Support facilities and fortifications, total of 3530 meters, of which are:

  • Reinforcement retaining walls with total length of 1 800 m.
  • Masonry retaining walls - 740 m.
  • Reinforced concrete retaining walls and fortifications -  740 m.
  • Pile walls   - 250 m.

Other facilities:

  • Pipe culverts with diameter from Ø 400mm to Ø2000 mm having total length of 824 m.
  • 3 soundproofed walls – with total length of 670 m.
  • Road restraint systems – 21 000 m.

Highway section video see here.

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