Trace made an investment of 250 000 euro in “Trace PZP Nis” PLC production equipment base

14 Sep 2016

The largest production equipment base for aggregates and asphalt mixtures in the Republic of Serbia, owned by "Trace PZP Nis" PLC already provides comfortable conditions for its employees. The base is located 30 km. from the city of Nish and has a capacity of 200 tons per hour; it is working round - the – clock as produces 8 different types asphalt mixes and 10 different fractions of aggregates. Annually the base produces 200,000 tons of asphalt and 800,000 tons crushed stone. "In every five seconds here a truck goes in and out", informs Eng. Nenad Ilic, head base officer.

Blessing health and well-being celebration was performed by priests from the Eparchy of Nish. In their best wishes to the Chairman of the Board of Directors of "Trace Group Hold" PLC prof. Nikolay Mihaylov, Mr. Miroslav Manolov and Dipl. Eng. Boayn Delchev – CEOs of the company, Dipl. Eng. Milutin Gashevich - Executive Director of "Trace PZP Nis" PLC and to the guests of the company, the priests pointed out the role of Bulgarians in storage relics of St. Sava, the honor of the Serbian people to Bulgarian St. Ivan Rilski and wished: "Let there be more new buildings, investments and employment in Serbia. Let there be life!”

Before cutting the ribbon, prof. Nikolay Mihaylov said to "Trace PZP Nis" PLC personnel: "With the icon of St. Demetrios – saint patron of builders, I would like to wish the team of Trace in Dolac to feel wonderful in the conditions that the new building provides because it was built for them. Let St. Demetrios protect you and you to work with love and inspiration."  

The investment in the new administrative building has value of € 250 000, informs Dipl. Eng. Milutin Gashevich, Executive Director of "Trace PZP Nis" PLC. The building has an equipped space for dining and recreation, large closet, bathroom, conference room and reception.

Video of the event can be found here.