Underground Contruction

Temporary parking lot between “Montevideo” Blvd. and “761” Str., part of Sofia third metro line, Sofia, Bulgaria

The project is funded by: Sofia Municipality
Budget: 2 165 237 BGN with VAT
Start date: 15 Sep 2020
End date: 20 Jan 2021
Employer: Metropolitan Jsc
Contractor: Trace Group Hold Plc

The total area of ​​the parking lot, together with the newly built street, is 7 340 m2.

In the working process the following types of activities have been performed:

Excavation -13500 m3,

Backfill -7800 m3,

filling concrete -723 m3,

asphalt mixtures 940 t.


1600 m of curbs have been installed and channels with diameter from 200 mm to 1400 mm with a total length of 770 m have been built. A 160-meter water pipeline with a length of 170 m has been installed, new street lighting and new traffic lights have been implemented.

The parking lot is temporary, as the idea is to realize the Western Arc of Sofia Ring Road passing through the already built parking lot in the future by using minimal funds.

Project video is available here.