Sports and Recreation Facilities

Rehabilitation and new spatial solutions of the pedestrian zone in Lovech central city area

The project is funded by: OP “Regions in Growth” 2014-2020
Budget: 3 504 776,04 BGN
Start date: 28 Jul 2017
End date: 10 May 2019
Employer: Lovech Municipality
Contractor: "Trace Group Hold" Plc

“Trace Group Hold” Plc implemented major rehabilitation works in the central city area of Lovech, Bulgaria. The citizens and guests of Lovech enjoy the renovated and rehabilitated urban environment and welcomed the city's feast on May 11th.

The project main goal is creating a sustainable and dynamic city center in Lovech, improving the quality of life and creating a new social environment through new spatial solutions.

Rehabilitated city area video you can find here.

Trace builders and engineers implemented:

• entire pavement replacement;

• fountains building;

• installation of ramps to provide an accessible city environment;

• a new solution about the lane network in the city garden;

• sculpture repair;

• landscaping;

• energy-saving lighting;

• new park equipment.

During the reconstruction works, no tree was removed and new trees were planted.