Underground Contruction

Expansion of the metro in Sofia; First diameter; Section "Mladost I" living area (MS 13)

The project is funded by: Sofia Municipality
Budget: 8 628 949.27 BGN
Start date: 04 Apr 2005
End date: 06 Sep 2009
Employer: Metropoliten JSC

Expansion of Metro - Sofia from km 12+763 to km 15+440, 840; Sub-site:  MS 13 and adjacent metro sections from km 14+838,567 to km 15+440,840

  • construction of underground facilities according to open method – metro stations and metro tunnels;
  • digging, shuttering, concrete and armoring works;
  • waterproofing;
  • finishing works - plastering, coating, latex painting, Fibran insulation, double floor in collection and pumping station, mineral plaster.