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Reconstruction of “Kniaz Aleksander Dondukov” Blvd., Sofia

The project is funded by: Municipal budget
Budget: 6 075 901,49 BGN without VAT
Start date: 16 Mar 2015
End date: 21 Dec 2017
Employer: Sofia Municipality
Contractor: "Trace Group Hold" Plc

On 16.03.2015 “Trace Group Hold” signed a contract with Sofia Municipality for the implementation of a project: “Reconstruction of a tramway track, road lanes and catenary on “Kniaz Aleksander Dondukov” Blvd. in Sofia in the section from “Krakra” Str. to “Nikolay Binev” Youth Theatre and repair of railway track and road lanes on “Krakra” Str. in the section between “Kniaz Aleksander Dondukov” Blvd. and “Yanko Sakazov” Blvd. with a possibility for right turn to Vasil Levski Monument Sofia”. All construction works on “Kniaz Aleksander Dondukov” Blvd. were executed step by step in the period 03.07.2017 – 21.12.2017. In less than two months the engineers and builders of „Trace Group Hold“ Plc have replaced the track of the old tramway and the catenary. The railroad track is filled with a technology, where cast iron pads are placed, which are fixed on both sides with special dowels by keeping the rail in the concrete itself. There were also special rubber silencers put on the track to reduce the noise. In the area of ​​the boulevard reconstruction of the water supply network was carried out. In addition to the replacement of the track, rehabilitation of the road lane, pavement, replacement of the pipe network, repair of street lighting and traffic lights and LED lighting were made.

Video from the reconstruction of the boulevard can be found here.