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Western arc of the Sofia ring road

The project is funded by: OP "Transport" 2007 - 2013, and the national budget
Budget: 47 820 000 BGN
Start date: 12 Sep 2012
End date: 31 Oct 2015
Employer: Agency "Road Infrastructure"
Contractor: "Trace SOP" Company under the obligations and contracts

Additional design and construction of site: Road ІІ-18 „Sofia ring road in the section from km. 59+400 to km 61+629.18 and from 0+000 to km 0+780”.

"Western arc of the Sofia Ring Road" is a continuation of "Lyulin" highway and is part of Corridor IV of the Trans-European transport network, connecting Vidin with Kulata. The project is funded by Operational program "Transport" 2007 - 2013.

The begging of the project was put at km 59+400 of Sofia Ring Road and the project is taking in consideration of road junction of "Lyulin" highway. The speed highway is developed between the existing trace of Sofia ring road. The segment has a length of 3 km and three big road facilities are constructed on it. 

At km 60+596 an overhead road and road junction at the crossing of Tsaritsa Ioanna Blvd. are constructed. The construction of roundabout is provided and the main trace is going to go through the overhead road.

At km 61+629.18≡0+000 an overhead road and road junction at the crossing of "Slivnitsa" Blvd. and the main trace goes through the overhear road. A three-openings bridge are constructed at km 0+740 for crossing of Kakach River and the connection to the existing road is established at km 1+000.  

The construction covered the direct trace and reconstruction of Sofia Ring Road in the section from km 59+400 to km 61+629.18 and from km 0+000 to km 0+780 of Sofia ring road, inclidong the construction of two road junctions with two trestles, two bridges over Kakach river and the reconstruction of the existing junction with "Slivnitsa" Blvd. and roundabout junction with Tsaritsa Ioanna Blvd.

The grade line of the road is taking in consideration the terrain, the draining is provided and the required height is provided at the crossings of the existing boulevards and the constructed highway.

Contractor is "Trace SOP" company, as per the Obligations and Contracts Law. The value of the contract is 47,820,000 BGN, incl. VAT. The construction supervision was provided by "Union Patkonsult 2000 three S" company, as per the Obligations and Contracts Law. The value of their contract is 1,171,800 BGN, incl. VAT. The design supervision was provided by SP "LUDMIL KOLAROV - KANEL" The value of the contract is 96,000 BGN, incl. VAT.

Video of the Western arc from a high location can be viewed here.