For shareholders


The Supervisory Board of "Trace Group Hold" PLC manages the holding and solves all issues related to its activity, except those in the powers of the General Meeting of Shareholders. The members of the Supervisory Board are elected by the General Meeting of Shareholders for a term of 5 years.

The Supervisory Board sets the vision, objectives and strategies of the company;

• The Supervisory Board establishes the company's risk policy;

• The Supervisory Board establishes risk management and internal audit systems;

• The Supervisory Board is responsible for the creation of a financial and informational system of the company;

• The Supervisory Board approves the business plan of the company;

• The Supervisory Board determines the company policy in terms of disclosure of information and relationship with investors;

• The Supervisory Board specifies the structure, scope of tasks, modalities and procedures for reporting, in writing.