Trace Group Hold Plc Digital Booklet

7 Jul 2018

“Trace Group Hold” Plc is the largest Bulgarian company, whose core competency lies in design, construction, reconstruction, rehabilitation and maintenance of: highways and roads; bridges and tunnels; railwaysinfrastructure and all associated facilities; underground construction; civil and military airports; gas supply and distribution systems; water supply and sewerage network and infrastructure, including water treatment plants; solid waste treatment plants, etc.; urban infrastructure (public and administrative buildings, industrial and civil building construction, commercial areas, hospitals); large-scale trade with products and materials used in the construction field. Trace is the Bulgarian leader engaged in all types of infrastructure -  construction, rehabilitation, maintenance, design works and all associated activities. We diversify and expand our range permanently. Trace is a top construction company which is an example of professionalism, promptness, quality, implementation of new technologies. Experts from all branches of the construction sector contribute for thecapacity of the Group. Company’s advantages are European quality, effective solutions and competitive prices. Company is united around general values at the essence of our shared culture: Trust – Reliability – Ambition - Common goals – Enthusiasm. Trace is a member of the Bulgarian Construction Chamber, Bulgarian Branch Chamber “Roads”, Confederation of the Employers and the Industry Owners in Bulgaria and Bulgarian Chamber of Commerce and Industry. More information about our company is available at Trace Group Hold Plc Digital Booklet.