Production and Quality Control of Materials

Production of asphalting mixtures

"Trace Group Hold" PLC produces all types of asphalting mixtures, polymer modified bitumen and polymer modified bituminous concrete. The polymer modified asphalting mixtures (porous and draining) produced by the holding meet the modern standards for durability and quality. "Trace Group Hold" PLC is one of the first Bulgarian companies that produced and applied polymer modified bituminous concrete and crack scattering geo-synthetic at the reconstruction of the military airport "Graf Igrantievo". The holding has mobile asphalting bases, each of which has a production capacity of 2,000 tons per day. The time frames for installation of the mobile asphalt mixer at the site are short - up to a month. The application of such class of production and asphalt laying equipment allow the builders of "Trace Group Hold" PLC to perform their job in professional manner and to control the quality of pavement laid.