Public and Residential Buildings

Regional historic museum – Stara Zagora, Bulgaria

The project is funded by: Stara Zagora Municipality and Ministry of culture of Republic of Bulgaria
Start date: 11 Nov 2008
End date: 03 Mar 2009
Employer: Stara Zagora Municipality

The exposition of the Regional historic museum is located in special building, constructed over the remains of the central street (Cardo maximus) of the ancient town Augusta Traiana and its silhouette represents the idea of sand glass. It is officially opened on 03.03.2009, when the final stage of the construction was completed. Its total built-up area equals to 4,438.00 m2

In terms of town-planning, the design of the complex fits the overall design of the Central square of Stara Zagora. It has clear relation to all town-planning directions, it is taking in consideration the existing situation and the adjoining construction in the neighborhood. The most important elements of the square – the opening of the ancient level and even characteristic elements of the design are harmonically "cited" in the spatially and silhouette construction of the complex. It is composed of three clearly distinguishable volumes: Exposition building, administrative area and Lapidarium.

The uniqueness of the museum's building is expressed not only by its architecture but with the fact that is constructed above the main street (Cardo maximus) of the ancient town Augusta Traiana. The ancient level, together with all historical findings from the archaeological reserve are exposed in the most attractive way and properly fits in the structure of the new building. All levels of the museum are visually related through drills in the slabs and the total opening towards the uncovered authentic archeology.

The design of the complex meets all the requirements of accessible architectural environment.

The construction system is monolithic, skeletal, with tension of the local construction in order to realize large supporting distances, allowing to create a bridge over the ancient street.