"Trace Group Hold" PLC works at sites of national and regional importance and takes part in international projects. Its market activity includes rehabilitation, reconstruction and construction of roads, highways, airports, underground stations and underground railways, ground railroads and facilities, urban infrastructure and road marking. The company builds water-supplying and gas-distributing networks and wastewater treatment plants. It participates in the national program for strengthening sliding areas and emergency reconstruction activities at times of natural disasters. "Trace Group Hold" PLC is very successful in the field of high construction. The holding carries out projects under the operational programs of the European Union. It meets the requirements and criteria for participation in international procedures of NATO through the NATO Agency for Maintenance and Supplies.

  • Trace Group Hold PLC
    Sofia Трейс Груп Холд АД
    • "Trace Group Hold" PLC - Serbian Branch

      11000 Belgrade, 9/5Kniaz Milos Str.;

    • "Trace Group Hold" PLC - Czech Branch

      Prague, 1746/52Klimentsa Str.

    • Subsidiaries
      • PSI JSC

        "PSI” JSC  carries out infrastrucutral sites of national and regional significance, takes part in international projects. The company's market sector includes rehabilitation, reconstruction, construction and road maintenance sites, motorways, airports, metrostations and metrosections, urban infrastructure. The company constructs water supply and sewerage systems, wastewater treatment plants, participates in emergency-restoration activities after natural disasters and industrial accidents.

        Executive Director: Eng. Georgi Ivanov


        Stara Zagora 6000 190 "P. Evtimiy" Blvd.
        +359 42 61 37 10
        +359 42 61 37 31
      • Trace Sofia Ltd.

        TRACE SOFIA JSC is a company with clearly defined engineering activity, covering all stages of the construction process. The company is one of the leading Bulgarian companies working in the field of underground construction, railway and road construction. It builds water supply and sewarage systems, wastewater treatment plants. It is specialized in the field of construction of public, industrial, commercial and residential buildings. TRACE SOFIA JSC successfully implements projects under the EU operational programs.

        Executive Director: Eng. Biser Ivanov

        Sofia 1404 Sofia Gotse Delchev Quarter, 15 "Metlichina polyana" Street, fl. 2
        +359 2 8193 600
        +359 2 8193 602

        TRACE YAMBOL JSC is among the largest infrastructure companies in Yambol District. It has a wealth of experience in maintaining roads, motorways and road facilities, as well as in the construction of public infrastructure and development of residential areas. The company works on sites of both local and national significance. It successfully implements projects under the EU operational programs. 


        Executive Director: Eng. Petya Petrova

        Yambol 8600 2 d-r Petar Branekov str
        +359 46 66 32 63
      • Trace - Bourgas JSC

        TRACE BOURGASJSC implements infrastructure sites of both national and regional significance. Experience in the construction and maintenance of roads, urban infrastructure, including traffic lights and trolleybus networks. The company has its own advanced asphalt base and accredited laboratory. It has a wealth of experience in the implementation of projects for design and construction of sports facilities and recreational facilities - sporting complexes, stadiums, playing fields, parks, kindergartens and playgrounds.


        Executive Director: Eng. Rumen Zapryanov

        Bourgas 8000 15 “Izgrev” Residential area, bl. 178 B
        +359 56 81 36 39
        +359 56 81 36 23
      • Infrastroy EAD
      • Rodopa Trace Ltd. Smolyan

        “Rodopa Trace” Ltd. is a small but dynamic company with sustainable development. The company works on the territory of the central part of Rodopi mountain and its activity consists of implementation of infrastructure projects, road construction and maintenance. The company is engaged with activities for current and winter maintenance of municipal and national road network in the region of Southern Bulgaria. 

        Manager: Eng. Dimitar Palagachev 

        Smolyan 4700 6 “Bulgaria” Blvd.
        +359 304 1 40 84
      • “Trace Trans” Ltd

        “Trace Trans” Ltd. is among the largest companies in the country for transport services in the field of construction. It has over a hundred heavy trucks "Renault Kerax".  It provides complex transport services, including rental of trucks.

        Sofia 1408 15 “Metlichina polyana” Street
        +359 2 965 79 46
        +359 2 965 79 46
      • Trace PZP Nis AD Nis

        “TRACE PZP NIS” AD has a quarry, a crushing and sorting plant with 400 T/h, three asphalt bases, over 100 road construction and transport equipment, technical and production bases, offices. Their own quarry is located in the region of Dolats, and the crushing and sorting plant is equipped with all types of fractions. The company has a technical base in Niš and production bases on the territory of all adjoining municipalities. Administrative offices are in Niš and Pirot.

        Executive Director: Milutin Gashevic


        Niš Serbia, 13 – a Generala Tranijea, Str.
      • Trace PZP Vranje OOD

        Trace PZP Vranje OOD 

        Executive Director:Predeag Spasov


      • USM JSC

        “USM” JSC 

        “USM” JSC is among the country's major companies for construction mechanization management.  It has over 150 advanced construction machines and its own rehabilitation and maintenance service. The company is involved in the implementation of the largest construction projects in the country, in the rehabilitation, current repairs and winter maintenance of a large part of the municipal and national road network. “USM” JSC, besides for the holding's needs, provides rental of equipment on competitive prices. 

        Executive Director: Tonyo Stoev


        Stara Zagora 6000 Golesh Quarter, USM headquarters
        +359 42 61 33 43
        +359 42 61 33 50
      • Trace International Ltd. Sofia

        “Trace International” Ltd. makes international coordination of the group and is the owner of its subsidiaries abroad. Its main activities are foreign market research and implementation of projects abroad. 

        Manager: Tihomir Hristov


        Sofia 1408 Lozenets, 71 "James Bourchier" Blvd.
        +359 2 8111201
        +359 2 8111203
        • "Trace Balkans" Ltd., Republic of Serbia
        • New Bridges Ltd.
        • “Redco Trace International” Ltd
        • Vior−Velika Morava JSC Belgrad, Serbia
        • Trace Al Juneebi, Oman
      • Trace Commerce Ltd.

        “Trace Commerce” Ltd. is a subsidiary of "Trace Group Hold" PLC with subject of activity: commercial activity in the country and abroad, commercial representation and mediation, construction and transportation of goods.

        Manager: Damyan Damyanov


        Sofia 1407 “Gotse Delchev “Quarter, 15 "Metlichina polyana" Street
        +359 2 965 7940
        +359 2 965 7943


        The company's market sector includes consulting services; services in the field of investment activity; domestic and foreign trade; agency of Bulgarian and foreign individuals.

         Director: Manol Kavrakov

        Sofia 1408 Lozenets, 71 James Bourchier Blvd.
        +359 2 8111213
      • Trace Holiday Ltd.

        “Trace Holiday” Ltd. 


        1408 Sofia, 1408 Sofia, Lozenets, “Yuzhen Park” Housing Group, 

        12 "Nikola Obrazopisov" Str.


    • Associates
      • Technostroyinzhenering−99 JSC Yambol
    • Affiliates
      • INJPROJECT Sofiq

        "Injproject" Ltd. with sole subject of activity - design. The company has developed numerous projects in the field of road infrastructure and urban and extra-urban networks engineering. The designing team has participated in the preparation of separate projects related to the completion of Trakia Motorway, Hemus Motorway and the Sofia Metro. It is the author of numerous projects for rehabilitation, reconstruction and repairing of road infrastructure from the national and municipal road network. The company has developed general urban development plan for Stara Zagora and the city's communication and transport system, including the integrated plan for urban restoration and development.

        Manager: Arch. Konstantin Kosev


        Sofia 1404 “Gotse Delchev“Quarter Injproject Ltd.
        +359 2 81 93 600
        +359 2 81 93 602
      • Himkolor JSC

        „Himkolor“ JSC's main activity is related to production and trade of paint for the road marking, as well as household paint and plastering. Paints for horizontal road markings with perfect strenght and durability, appropriate for laying of roads, motorways, runways, parkings, playgrouds and playing fields. The company also specializes in the production of paints and plastering for household - wide range of colors for ordinary and acrylic paints for internal and external painting, structural decoration silicone-based plastering, polymeric plastering with a dragged and scratched structure. All products of the company have been specially tested and certified.

        Executive Director: Kostadin Ivanov


        Parvomay 4270 3 Buzludzha Str.

    • Companies under the Law of obligations and contracts
      • Magistrala Trace
      • Hemus A2
      • Svoge
      • Trace Inject
      • Sofia 2010
      • Lovech 2010
      • Kurdzhali 2010
      • Dianopolis
      • Trace Pleven