Trace signed its first contract for a project in Romania

30 Nov 2020

On 27.11.2020 “Trace Group Hold” Plc in consortium with Romanian partners signed a contract for project execution, which includes design and implementation of works on “Arrangement of transport infrastructure in the Municipality of Focsani, Romania in order to be increased attractiveness and accessibility of the public transport, bicycle transport and pedestrian traffic”. The contracting authority of the project is the Municipality of Focsani in Romania. Contract value is 56 272 034,01 Romanian lei. The project total built-up area covers 238 325,00 square meters (this is the total area of roads, sidewalks, bike lanes and green areas). The project area consists of: 4 boulevards with a total length of 5 051 meters, as well as streets, roads, intersections with a total length of 14 975 meters. The project activities include rehabilitation works, milling of asphalt pavement, replacement of pavements, water supply networks, construction of intelligent bus stops for public transport, equipped with photovoltaic panels to maintain lighting systems, USB charging and advertising display for passenger information; traffic management system, video surveillance system; bicycle sharing ticket system.