Trace International PLC was recognized as one of the most successful companies in Republic Serbia

31 Oct 2014

During the traditional Danube business forum, Trace International PLC received the “Captain Misa Anastasievich” award on an official ceremony in Belgrade. Eng. Nikolay Valev – manager of Trace International and vice-chairman of the Board of Directors of Trace Group Hold PLC accepted the prize. In the last 14 years with the award are distinguished the most successful individuals and companies operating in Republic of Serbia in the framework of “Road to the Top” initiative.

The goal of the Danube business forum is to provide a platform for the institutional and corporative leaders to exchange views regarding the upcoming regional issues related to the EU Danube strategy, to benefit from the available resources in the fields of energetics, transport, agriculture business and IT and to discuss joint business opportunities. The forum aims at promoting partnerships between companies, cities and regions and to establish prosperity and competitiveness in the regions near the Danube River.