Trace Group Hold PLC Top Management went on a regular inspection tour regarding Construction of E 80 Highway Nis (Prosek) – Dimitrovgrad (Bulgaria border crossing)

21 Apr 2016

Trace works at full speed for the successful performance of the Corridor X road sections.

The chairman of the Board of Directors of “Trace Group Hold” PLC Prof. Dr. Eng. Nikolay Mihaylov and both CEOs Eng. Boyan Delchev and Miroslav Manolov made an inspection of section 6 and 7 – parts of E 80 Highway, Nis (Prosek) – Dimitrovgrad (Bulgaria border crossing), Pirot (East) – Dimitrovgrad (remaining works). Employer of the Project is Koridori Srbije DOO, Belgrade, Republic of Serbia.

Total length of the trace is 14. 311 km. On the construction site, which is separated into subsections depending on the different types of road – construction works, around a hundred construction experts and specialists are putting their efforts into day – to - day working process. On the construction site are working at full speed 70 road construction machineries and over 40 trucks that are used for construction materials delivery. Cement stabilization is taking place on the site, also a second layer of the asphalt is laying, a collector system is currently installing, ditches and curbs are putting into their places.

In the end of Section 6 the constructors execute specific drainage system since the section has been designed for a runway.

During the inspection tour it was confirmed that the construction works are performing within the specific deadlines. Section 6 which has a total length of 6 km. will be completed in the end of June, 2016 and section 7 with a trace length of 8,311 km. is expected to be putted into operation until the end of July, 2016.

In Republic of Serbia Trace is executing two more projects and Koridori Srbije DOO as an Employer:

Construction of Highway E75, Section: Gredelica  (Gornje Polje) – Caricina Dolina, LOT 2: Road and Bridges from Tunnel Predejane to Caricina Dolina.

Construction of Highway E80, Section: Parallel non – commercial road, Bela Palanka – Pirot (West).

Both road construction Serbian companies that were acquired by Trace Group Hold PLC – Trace PZP Nis and Trace PZP Vranje perform projects under Programs launched by Serbian road agency and by the Serbian municipalities as well. Trace PZP Nis performs over 20 projects with Employers: Serbian Ministry of Economy, Public Enterprises Roads of Serbia, Municipalities of Bela Palanka, vranje, Kurshumlia, Nis and private employers as well. Trace PZP Vranje is performing activities under 15 projects with Employers: Danish Refugee Council in Belgrade, Public Enterprises Roads of Serbia, Municipalities of Vranska Banja, Leskovac, Surdulica, Vranje, Orthodox DioceseofVranje and private employers.