Trace Group Hold PLC received the prestigious Serbian award “Regional Business Partner 2015”

17 Jun 2015

Trace Group Hold PLC received the prestigious Serbian award “Regional Business Partner 2015”/ The award was presented to Prof. Nikolay Mihaylov on an official ceremony held in Crown Plaza hotel in Belgradeand recognizes Trace Group Hold PLC as the largest investor in infrastructure sector in Serbia and as a socially responsible company, caring for the local society. 

Тhe slogan of the 21-st edition of the forum is: “ Business, similarly to life, the most important thing is the partner”. “Today, you, the representatives of the business, voted for your business partners. For this year the criteria were 10 and the recognized companies receive your award-acknowledgement of the business“ said the chairman of the forum Milovan Radovanovich.

“I am extremly flattered from the fact that we are receiving this award. We see the Serbian state and  goverment as a reliable partner of Trace Group Hold PLC. Our wilingness is to continue to invest in the field in which we work at the moment and in the social activities in Serbia” declared in his speech Prof. Mihaylov.

The awards are social recognition for the socially responsible companies and aim at promoting good business practices. Over the year’s laureates were many international companies like Coca Cola, Microsoft, McDonalds, Nivea, Aeroflot, Ericson, Office1Superstore, Nestle and large local companies like Telekom Serbia, Hemopharm, Mol Grupa, Krka, Dukat, Prista Oil Bulgaria, EFG Bank Greece, Knjaz Milos, Airport City Belgrade, Aplha Bank Group Greece, Pivara M Over the past five years the holding has gained stable experience on the Serbian construction market as currently implements major infrastructure projects (sections of Trans European Motorways) with contract value of over 95 million euro. “Trace Group Hold” PLC has proved itself as reliable and predictable European partner for the Serbian national employers and international financial institutions – the World Bank, EBRD, EIB, etc. Well-established relations with local and government Serbian authorities have been set up too.

TRACE pursues coherent investment policy as has acquired 2 major and strategic road construction companies – Trace PZP Nis AD and Trace PZP Vranje DOO. Both companies operate on the territory of total 28 Serbian municipalities and perform maintenance of over 2 800 km. road network in Serbia. Further investment is undertaken in technical facilities, construction equipment machines and production bases. Currently our main assets include one of the biggest aggregate quarries in the Republic of Serbia, 7 asphalt mixing plants, over 220 units of construction equipment, modern administrative office and production buildings. In these two companies are engaged nearly 500 employees as only 4 of them are Bulgarian citizens.  

Trace had successful privatization of a Belgrade company for design and supervision of major water projects, founded branch office of the holding in the Republic of Serbia and established 2 subsidiaries in Belgrade with scope of activity in the infrastructure construction and commerce.

Trace held corporate social responsibility as on the territory of Serbia we have engaged over 1 300 Serbian citizens in our companies; we support local educational, social and sport events and initiatives. We are in a process of providing of scholarships for Serbian engineers that will complete a master’s degree in Bulgaria. Trace has signed a contract for general sponsorship of the most successful women's football club “Mašinac TRACE PZP”- Nis, which is a national pride of Serbia with its achievements - champion of the former Yugoslavia, repeated champion of the Republic of Serbia, vice champion in Europe.

Trace, in the presence of the prime ministers of Republic of Bulgaria and the Republic of Serbia, endows the Municipality of Dimitrovgrad in Serbia with a monument of the Bulgarian national hero Vasil Levski within inauguration ceremony. This act became a symbol of the Bulgarian national spirit in the region. From the Municipalities with predominantly Bulgarian population, we have engaged a large number of employees in the Serbian structures of the holding

Trace is the event initiator and hosts an open Bulgarian – Serbian business forum “The role of the business in the establishment of sustainable European practices for cross-border cooperation”. Representatives of 15 Serbian municipalities participated in the event. Within the forum Trace contributes to the successful implementation of initiatives on cross-border cooperation and support the exchange of experience between Bulgarian and Serbian local authorities in the absorption of pre-accession funds of the European Union

In the end of 2014 the international company of the holding “Trace International” LTD received award for the most successful Bulgarian company in Serbia during the traditional Danube business forum. In the last 14 years with the award are distinguished the most successful foreign individuals and companies in the framework of “Road to the Top” initiative. Trace has ambition to expand its presence in the Serbian market and to promote the economic and social cooperation between both states.

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