TRACE gave scholarships to students from the University of Nis, Republic of Serbia

15 May 2015

TRACE through its subsidiary “Trace PZP Nis” AD in the Republic of Serbia gave scholarships to four talented students from the construction faculty of the University of Nis, Republic of Serbia. This event happened in a special ceremony at the conference hall of the Municipality of Nis in the presence of the Mayor prof. Zoran Perisic; the chairman of the Board of Directors of “Trace Group Hold” PLC prof. Nikolay Mihaylov – the motive power of the company’s internship program; many teachers, students and representatives of the media.

“As we stake on the young people in Bulgaria, in the same way we encourage the future engineers in Serbia. For TRACE the investment in people is the most important, because one company is developing itself only if creates strong teams”, commented prof. Mihaylov who is also head of “Roads” Department in the University of Architecture, Civil Engineering and Geodesy (UACEG) in Sofia, Republic of Bulgaria. He explained that if these young people would like, they will be able to complete a master's degree in UACEG and to receive a diploma that is recognized not only within the European Union, but also worldwide.

 “Thank you that you treat the development of the local community with such responsibility. You are an example to all investors in the region”, stressed in his speech the Mayor prof. Perisic. According to him the students take the opportunity to develop themselves as specialists in one major company as TRACE with a very good portfolio.

Currently TRACE implements 4 major infrastructure projects in the Republic of Serbia (sections of TransEuropean Motorways) with contract value of over 95 million euro. Last year TRACEacquired 2 major and strategic road construction companies – Trace PZP Nis AD and Trace PZP Vranje DOO. Both companies operate on the territory of total 28 Serbian municipalities and perform maintenance of over 2 800 km. road network in the Republic of Serbia. Both companies possess the biggest aggregate quarries in the Republic of Serbia, asphalt mixing plants and construction equipment. In its companies and projects TRACE has engaged more than 1 300 Serbian citizens.

In the city of Nis, Republic of Serbia TRACE is already a popular company not only because has engaged a lot of people, but also because it is a general sponsor of the favorite city football team – “Masinac Trace PZP”. This is the most successful women's football team in the Republic of Serbia, national pride with its achievements - champion of the former Yugoslavia, repeated champion of the Republic of Serbia, vice champion in Europe.

Before the Bulgarian media prof. Mihaylov stated that the company is ready to invest in the secondary education too. According to him, the business and education in Bulgaria should revive the old glory of the technical schools on the principle of public-private partnerships. "For us it is important the preparation of the young people to start from their teenage period as we are convinced that this is useful for them too," commented prof. Mihaylov.