Trace CEO Mr. Miroslav Manolov: “Тhe road, which is lined by a good cause, is the right way. Together we outline this road.”

9 May 2016

Miroslav Manolov, Chief executive officer of “Trace Group Hold” PLC launched the campaign "Together we build roads to home", a joint project by Trace and BG Radio – Bulgarian radio, which plays Bulgarian music performers only.

With a great deal of "optimism", "challenge" and "public engagement" radio presenters from "Starter" – BG Radio morning broadcast together with Mr. Miroslav Manolov informed about the campaign, which will present Bulgarians that made a success in their life in Bulgaria. "Our greatest responsibility is to try to make Bulgaria a better place to live in" said Mr. Manolov.

Within this project “Trace Group Hold” PLC and BG Radio will present stories of Bulgarians with successful education and career made abroad whose choice is to come back and continue their successful development in Bulgaria. In this way we want to show that the successful realization and progress in Bulgaria is possible!