Dipl. Eng. Georgi Ivanov is "Builder of the Year" of Trace Group Hold PLC for 2018

13 Dec 2018

Every year from 2008 till nowadays, in the eve of Christmas and New Year celebrations, Trace Group Hold presents a special "Builder of the Year" award for ahigh professionalism in fulfilling official commitments and contribution to the economic development of the group. The selection of the winner is determined through nominations by the Holding management teams.

The event is part of an event called “Christmas in Theater” organized by Trace Group Hold to celebrate the holiday celebrations. In December 2018 the theater play in the event was the famous Bulgarian actor Kamen Donev monospectacle "A Teacher’s Views on Education".
In Bulgarian Army Theater’s hall, in the presence of many guests, friends, employees, builders and their families, the Chairman of the Management Board of Trace Group Hold PLC Mrs. Dessislava Lyubenova said: "I would like to thank my colleagues in Trace, the hundreds of young people who love their work, their teachers in Trace, who support them and thus we walk along the steep road. I’d like to thank to Trace managers! It's an honor to be in one team! Difficulties, risky situations and challenges are those that show the Way forward."
At the announcement of "Builder of the Year 2018" award-winning name - Engineer Georgi Ivanov, enthusiastic applause filled the hall. It is recognition and credit of the team’s achievement during the construction of Aheloy Bypass Road. The project is part of the first-class road connecting Sunny Beach and Burgas (major cities and resorts on Bulgarian Black Sea Shore). Mrs. Lyubenova commented: "The recognition from colleagues always brings an added value giving wings. At the beginning of the construction – November 2nd 2017, Trace builders promised that the two-lane road including overpasses, a bridge, circular junctions will be ready before the active tourist season start. The road, which enables traffic of 30,000 vehicles per day, was executed 4 months ahead of schedule."
With tears of joy Eng. Ivanov expressed his gratitude saying: "I am one of those builders who have worked abroad and have come back. I have been in Trace familysince 2008. I would like to thank my teacher, Eng. Yovko Zhilkov and wish him a lot of health! With our colleagues we are proud to be involved in building major infrastructure projects that change people's lives for good."
The support of Bulgarian culture is part of Trace Group Hold corporate policy. In 2016 “Trace for People” Foundation supported National Folklore Ensemble Bulgare. In 2017 through its Christmas in Theater” initiative the Foundation supported Sofia Youth Theater and Rousse Drama Theater. In 2018 “Trace for People” chose to support the Bulgarian Army Theater and Plovdiv Theater.
The performance of Kamen Donev ends with words of Nikos Kazantzakis' hero Captain Michalis: 
- How ought we to love God, Father?
- By loving men, my son.
- And how ought we to love men?
- By trying to guide them along the right path.
- And what is the right path?
- The one that rises. 
Trace's wish is to send positive messages and we are moving confidently forward with faith in the good.