Construction of E75 Highway in Serbia, section Grdelica - Caricina Dolina, LOT 2 runs on a schedule

21 Oct 2016

"We run on a schedule in coordination with the Employer – Koridori Srbije", said Dipl. Eng. Stoyko Meshkov, Manager of the project: “Construction of E75 Highway, section Grdelica - Caricina Dolina, LOT 2” and added: “Currently 90% of embankments and about 50% of the excavation works on the construction site are fulfilled, in the beginning of the next year we will start with the pavements and asphalt works.”

Engineers and constructors of "Trace Group Hold" have implemented in 90% all small structures. Teams of Trace are working hard on the retaining structures and major facilities, which are completed in 50%. Installation of the beams will be carried out in two stages. The total project amount of beams is 331, of which 120 are already at the construction site. At the moment there are activities on the slope protection with length of 550 meters and a height up to 60 meters.

Construction of the highway section in the valley of South Morava River is interesting from an engineering perspective and is a real challenge: the direct route of the future highway is located in a rugged mountainous terrain in the valley of the river, as parallel is passing a one – way electricity line and two-lane E75 main road. In a section long ​​1400 m is provided shifting of the existing route of E75 highway, supporting and retaining walls are currently under construction. Before beginning of the construction works in order to be provided access to the construction site, it was necessary to be built three temporary crossings of South Morava River, each of them having length of about 30 meters, and to be built temporary railway crossing lines.

The overall performance of the construction site is currently around 40% as all works are executed on a schedule. It is expected project completion to be by the end of 2017.

Highway section video you can follow here.