For 4 hours only Trace managed to construct the steel structure on the pedestrian bridge over “Tsarigradsko Shosse” Blvd. in Sofia

25 Jul 2016

From 0:00 h. until 04:00 h. on 24.07.2016 constructors of "Trace Group Hold" PLC put the steel structure at the pedestrian bridge over "Tsarigradsko Shosse" Blvd. in Sofia. This is a part of Project: “Museum/Experimentarium and visitor‘s center with a pedestrian bridge in Sofia Tech Park”. The facility has pile foundation. In the walls there are pre-stressed concretebridgebeam sand above the direct route of the boulevard there is a steel structure. The algorithm of work and organization were made so that one of the main roads of Sofia to be closed in a time zone when the traffic jam is minimized. "By the end of August we will be ready with the facility entirely," said Dipl. Eng. Hristo Grozdanov, Project manager.

See here the video!