„Trace PZP Vranje” DOO signed a contract for maintenance of roads in six municipalities in Serbia in the region of Iablanitsa

21 Feb 2017

„Trace PZP Vranje” DOO, a subsidiary of “Trace Group Hold” Plc, signed a contract for the maintenance of first and second class roads on the territory of South 3 (583 km) on the territory of the municipalities Medvede, Boynik, Lebane, Leskovac, Vlasotince, Cerva Trava in Republic of Serbia. The value of the contract amounts to BGN 26 745 266.5 and the Employer is "Roads of Serbia", Belgrade. The contract enters into force on April 1, 2018 and has a 3-year implementation period. The contract includes regular road repairs, winter maintenance, pavement repair, emergency work in extraordinary circumstances, and activities that provide safe road exploitation and putting into operation.