„Trace Group Hold” Plc signed a contract for a railway track rehabilitation between Zmeyovo and Stara Zagora in Bulgaria

17 Oct 2017

On 09.10.2017 “Trace Group Hold” Plc as a leading partner in “Railway Infrastructure” Consortium signed a contract for the implementation of a project: "Mechanized renewal of the railway track between Zmeyovo - Stara Zagora from km 239 + 400 to km 252 +325 with a total length of 12,925 m and swith №1 at Stara Zagora station on the 4th railway line ".

The project has been awarded by National company railway infrastructure. The contract amount to 10,4 million BGN. The financing has been provided by the national budget and the contract has to be completed in a 7-month term.

During the construction work a design and rehabilitation of the railway track and the railway facilities will be implemented between Stara Zagora and Zmeyovo railway stations. Also will be implemented a rehabilitation of the catenary and the security equipment.

In the last few years our company has executed a number of projects in the field of railway construction - "Rehabilitation of railway infrastructure in sections of the railway line Plovdiv - Bourgas" in Bulgaria, mechanized renewal of 6 km railway track between Batanovtsi - Radomir, Bulgaria, construction of an intermodal terminal in South Central region in Bulgaria – Plovdiv, etc.

Currently "Trace Group Hold" Plc implements a rehabilitation of Skutare-Orizovo and Straldzha-Tserkovski railway sections.