„Trace Group Hold” Plc registered company in the Republic of Moldova

3 Apr 2020

On 01.04.2020, “Trace Company” Ltd with identification number IDNO 1020600013973 was registered in the Registry of the Republic of Moldova. Its Headquarters and registered office are situated in the Republic of Moldova, Chisinau Municipality – office 3, Prunchul 1/1 Street, Vatra. Company’s manager is Mr. Andrian Majeru.

He has extensive experience in consulting and development of investment projects in the field of road infrastructure, renewable energy, transport, regional development and many more types of projects. For the last few years he has been Regional Representative of Euronova Energies SA and Geneva Swiss in Romania and Moldova. He graduated from the Technical University in Moldova with a degree in “Technology of Mechanical Engineering”.

“Trace Company” Ltd scope of activity covers: construction, ongoing repair and maintenance of highways, roads, streets, city and municipal communications and any infrastructure structures surrounding them, maintenance of roads, road accessories and road structures; construction of underground railway lines and railway roads, construction of tunnels; construction of railway and road facilities; design, engineering and commercial activities; performing all kinds of services with construction equipment, cargo and other activities