“Trapezitsa” footbridge in the city of Burgas – beautiful and safe urban structure

20 Apr 2016

Only within 8 months Trace completed construction works at the footbridge, which became the new emblem of Burgas

The Municipality in Burgas is in full readiness to welcome tourists in the active summer season by providing them high pass ability in a two of the crucial crossings in the seaside city – “Mirage” and “Trapezitsa” as the safety of the pedestrians and cyclists is absolutely secured.

Vice - Mayor of Burgas Municipality and the Project manager Ms. Russian Boyadjieva shared: "The construction of pedestrian overpasses at key locations in the city was a natural and logical component of the project. Beside buying buses and repairing roads, the main purpose is to increase the safety of transportation in an urban environment. Choosing intersections of "Mirage" and "Trapezitsa" was driven by a real need. Such pedestrian overpasses there are elsewhere. What distinguishes ours is its architecture, design; they fit very well throughout the urban atmosphere and landscape, because they are one unique in design facilities and add value to the environment. And provide opportunities for safe movement of various groups: people with impaired mobility, mothers with strollers, and the elderly, all who want to feel more comfortable, of course and cyclists."

Executive Director of "Trace Burgas" JSC, a subsidiary of "Trace Group Hold" PLC, Dipl. Eng. Rumen Zapryanov commented that the design and implementation of roundabouts and footbridges are met in time and in quality corresponding to European standards and guidelines for accessibility the urban environment. In addition stairwells that provide all possible directions of crossing these intersections are installed and elevators as well that will be used by cyclists. In the construction of footbridges are used heavy structures as the amount of metal is 133 tons at “Trapezitza” and 108 tons of “Mirage” and as volumes (arms footbridges are between 31- 37 m).  Designers and builders of Trace proved its professionalism. Crossings, footbridges and elevators are under constant video surveillance.” He added that since the roundabout on "Trapezitsa" is built the pedestrian overpass collapsed nightmarish congestion at key juncture that tore the nerves of drivers.

The most accurate barometer of the usefulness and effectiveness of each project are the people. Every day hundreds of citizens use the new facility. Next steps are putting into operation the elevators and landscaping the footbridges.

The design and construction of the new “South” Bus Station, repair works under the fore bridge in Burgas, construction of the bus terminal in “Meden Rudnik” Quarter, construction of "Trapezitsa" footbridge and skate site in “Iztok” Qiarter are just some of the projects "Trace Burgas" JSC fulfilled within the seaside town.