“Trace Group Hold” PLC performs three international important projects in the Republic of Serbia and takes part in fifty more with regional importance

25 Apr 2016

The director of “Koridori Srbije” DOO Mr. Dimitar Durovic: “Trace showed that it is a serious company. In the second quarter they are working at full speed at Pirot (East) – Dimitrovgrad Highway and are flawless.”

“Trace Group Hold” PLC is among the first companies that finish their sections part of the 100-kilometer highway from Nis to the Bulgarian border at Kalotina. The route of the first section is in a stage of laying the wearing layer of asphalt and will be completed by June 15th, 2016. The second part is divided into sections, where are carried out various road construction activities that are going to be completed up to 15th of July, 2016. The group of Trace is performing two more projects with Employer “Koridori Srbije” DOO - Parallel non – commercial road part of E80 Highway Nis - Dimitrovgrad and the most difficult and complicated part of the newly built highway E75 from Grdelica to Caricina Dolina. The route of the newly built alternative route is 22 kilometers as 4 km. from them are already asphalt covered. At the remaining sections all construction works are accelerated, retaining walls are built for activated landslides, bridges have been built. A curious fact is that the new route repeats the old Roman road VIA MILITARES and during the excavation works have found many artifacts. 4.8-kilometer section of E75 Highway includes 6 bridges, lanes on the highway are at different levels, and a huge retaining wall will be built.

A year and a half ago Trace acquired consecutively two of the top five largest road construction companies in Serbia including a stone quarry and asphalt center, which are the biggest in the Republic of Serbia. The base is located 30 km from Nis and has a capacity of 200 tons per hour; it works uninterruptedly by producing 8 different types of asphalt mixes and 10 different fractions of aggregates. Annually it produces 200 thousand tons of asphalt and 400 thousand tons of crushed stone. "Every five seconds here trucks are getting in and out", informs Eng. Nenad Ilic, Head of the Base.

Both road construction companies – “Trace PZP Nis” and “Trace PZP Vranje” have contracts for routine maintenance of about 2500 km. republican roads, which is in practice a whole Southeast Serbia.

The mayor Nis Mr. Zoran Perisic said: "Trace changed our ideas about construction for a short period of time. The company won many projects and implements them flawlessly. From one stop existing enterprise PZP Nis has become a company with a prospect to grow. In the company are working 460 employees; we have good partnership and a prerequisite for more working places. Nis needs such honest and good partners. The average age of workers in PZP Nis is 35 years.”

The team of "Trace PPP Vranje" is young too. There are working 280 employees. This company maintains 1300 km. in the territory of 13 municipalities. Within only one year the company managed to stabilize itself. Deputy Mayor of Vranje Dragoljub Stevanovic said: "We tried to preserve the integrity of the road construction company. Afterwards Trace Group Hold appeared and we found in this company a strong partner who is able to invest in our rural roads. These roads have not been repaired since have been made - 50, 60 years ago. There is no other company in the region, which could invest 3.5 million in this project."

Total number of the employees of Trace in Serbia (within the Serbian companies and at the construction sites) are about 1 500 people.