“Trace Group Hold” Plc made changes in one of its subsidiaries to achieve Ukraine market research

6 Apr 2017

 “Trace Group Hold” Plc made changes to the status of its subsidiary "Eurotrans logistics" Ltd, which came into force on April 4, 2017. Its name changed to "Trace Ukraine" Ltd. The scope of its activity is "Acquisition, management, evaluation and sale of participations in Bulgarian and foreign companies, financing of companies in which the company participates, design, construction, reconstruction of roads, road facilities and road infrastructure, design, construction, reconstruction, furnishing, repair and investor control of commercial and residential construction sites, etc. "

These changes were made in relation to the policy of “Trace Group Hold” Plc for expanding the international activities of the group. As a result of preliminary market research in Ukraine, there was found a potential for expansion of the company's activities. The main goal of “Trace Ukraine” Ltd will be to deepen market research in all aspects - construction, commercial, administrative, financial, legal, etc.

As a result of a signed agreement between Ukraine and the International Bank for Reconstruction and Development it was granted a loan of 330 million dollars to the country. Some of these funds will be used to finance large-scale infrastructure projects in accordance with FIDIC / International Federation of Consultant Engineers/. Taking into account the long experience of “Trace Group Hold” Plc in the management and implementation of similar projects, both in Bulgaria and abroad, we believe that our company has competitive advantages for winning some of them.

“Trace Group Hold” Plc started negotiations with state-owned companies operating the road network in Ukraine. “Trace Ukraine” Ltd will represent “Trace Group Hold” Plc on the territory of Ukraine and will manage its activities at a regional level.