“Trace Group Hold” Plc has successfully completed “Rehabilitation of Skutare-Orizovo railway section” project, part of “Plovdiv-Burgas, Phase 2” project

29 Jul 2020

The 26-kilometer long railway section "Skutare - Orizovo" was opened with an official ceremony on 28.07.2020. In the presence of the Minister of Transport, Information Technology and Communications Rossen Jeliazkov together with Mr. Krassimir Papukchiiski -General Director of National Railway Infrastructure Company in Bulgaria, Ms. Dani Kanazireva -   Regional Governor of Plovdiv Municipality and the project manager Dipl. Eng. Vasil Shilov was cut the ribbon of the infrastructure project.

In front of the guests, Dipl. Eng. Papukchiiski thanked for the loyalty of all of those who participated in the construction process, including to the local authorities and added: “We are all convinced that construction works were completed on time and in quality manner. The parameters of the railway line cover 130-160 km/h, which will lead to better service of both passengers and cargo, as well as will lead to safer traffic in the area. In a period of pandemic when the road freight transport was paralysed, the railway transport has shown its potential. "

The cost of the project amounts to 69 308 000 BGN.

Trace's builders and engineers implemented rehabilitation of the railway road and catenary, all the artificial structures that are part of the construction works on the lower superstructure of the railway track - large and small bridges, culverts, drainage ditches, etc. A new signalization and telecommunication and drainage system has been established and put into operation. Technical and reception buildings of Manole station, Belozem station and Opalchenets station have been repaired. Noise protection and protective walls have been built at Manole and Belozem stations, as well as at a pedestrian overpass at Belozem station.

Dipl. Eng. Vasil Shilov, who is the the project manager, commented: “Stepping on this construction site we found, jokingly, a 110-year-old infrastructure (110 years ago Belozem station was put into operation) and today, 3 years later, after completion of the rehabilitation work, “Skutare-Orizovo” section is safer, passengers can travel faster and are able to cross from north to south without hindrance, using the overpass”. He thanked everyone for the support and assistance, as well as his team for the work done.

In his speech, the Minister of Transport, Information Technology and Communications Rossen Jeliazkov described Plovdiv-Burgas railway line modernization as one of the "challenges of the new digital world, where human mistakes are reduced to zero and the pleasure of traveling is a fundamental goal." Minister Zhelyazkov announced that: "By 2023, Plovdiv-Burgas should be the railway road we are used to associate with the concept of European railways and this is already a fact, because we have all the guarantees to achieve it."