“Trace Group Hold” Plc has signed a contract for modernization of Plovdiv railway junction in Bulgaria

20 Mar 2020

The Director General of the “National Railway Infrastructure Company” Dipl. Eng. Krasimir Papukchiyski and CEO of “Trace Group Hold” Plc Dipl. Eng. Boyan Delchev signed a contract for the modernization of the railway road, catenary and signaling and telecommunication systems in Plovdiv station and for the construction of a communication and transmission system under the railway area of ​​Plovdiv station. It is part of “Development of Plovdiv railway junction” project.

Project’s contractor is a consortium, which is called “Plovdiv Project”. This is a Company under the law on obligations and contracts. The members of the consortium are the companies “Trace Group Hold” Plc and “Balkantel” Ltd.

The scope of the project covers construction works, which includes modernization of the railway road, construction of a new catenary, new drainage systems, installation of a new platform pavement on the entire station long, construction of new ones and replacement of the existing platform coverings by contemporary lightweight structures, which allows access for persons with reduced mobility.

The project envisages to be constructed a communication and transport breakthrough under the railway area of ​​Plovdiv railway station, including a construction of sewerage and ventilation systems, lighting and video surveillance, as well as construction of noise protection equipment and safety fences in the area of ​​the station.

The contract activities and works shall be completed within 35 months and include design that will last up to 8 months and construction process that will continue up to 27 months.

The value of the contract is 89 028 245, 95 BGN without VAT.

The project has been co-funded by the means of Connecting Europe Facility (CEF).