“Trace Group Hold” PLC – Branch Czech Republic successfully completed Project: Construction of Group plumbing water supply line Benešov-Sedlčany

17 May 2016

In 2014 Bulgarian Construction Company Trace got involved into the Czech market. The Project: Construction of Group plumbing water supply line Benešov-Sedlčany is already completed and the official opening is forthcoming. On 25.09.2014 the Consortium "Benešov water supply 2014" with leading partner "Trace Group Hold" PLC and the Czech company EVT Stavby s.r.o. signed a contract for the water pipeline construction. The project having a budget of over 9 million euros, was financed under OP "Environment" with Employer representing an association of several Czech municipalities whose population will use the sewerage pipeline.

The contract includes the following types of work:

  • preparation and transfer of all required documentation for the performance of the contract;
  • construction of new 15 km water supply line, with diam. 500 mm, made of cast iron pipes;
  • construction of sewage effluent;
  • construction and reconstruction of connections;
  • construction of new reservoir and shafts;
  • reconstruction of 2 pumping stations;
  • supply, installation and commissioning of technological equipment;
  • reconstruction of asphalt coatings;
  • Strengthening the banks of Sazava River;
  • Construction of a new road.

Builders of Trace faced two challenges mainly – placing a sag pipe under Sazava River and execution of works performed under the continuous operation of the existing water line.