“Trace built my road to Home”- words of Manol Kavrakov live on BG Radio

17 May 2016

Manol Kavrakov, Director of "Trace Commerce" Ltd., a company from "Trace Group Hold" PLC organization chart, join the campaign between Trace and BG Radio, presenting Bulgarians made a success in their life in Bulgaria. Manol Kavrakov graduated from Foreign Language School"Romain Rolland" in Stara Zagora in 2005 and with a full scholarship went to study in Illinois Wesleyan University, USA. During radio interview he said that the most - valuable thing a person acquires when is in a distance of 5-6 thousand kilometers far away from home, is the experience. "People around appreciate you solely by your actions and behavior." Mr. Kavrakov is part of those Bulgarians who have left their country clearly knowing he would return to Bulgaria. After completing his studies in Business Administration in USA in 2009, he started working in TRACE and parallel with this he started his Master degree in International Economic Relations in the University of National and World Economy in Sofia.