Public and Residential Buildings

Construction and reconstruction of gas stations with Gazprom brand in Bulgaria

The project is funded by: GAZPROM
Start date: 10 Jun 2014
End date: 10 Oct 2013
Employer: Open joint-stock company "Gazprom" and its company "Oil Industry Serbia" (NIS)

 "Trace Group Hold" PLC works in strategical cooperation with Open joint-stock company "Gazprom" and its company "Oil Industry Serbia" (NIS) during its entering at the Bulgarian market in the sector of gas stations. TRACE was pre-qualified as one of the Bulgarian companies with the right to participate in NIS tenders in Bulgaria and Romania. Currently, the holding has won the tenders for reconstruction and construction of 2 of the gas stations of NIS in Bulgaria: the pilot project of the brand for our country – gas station Blagoevgrad and a site in Stara Zagora.

"Reconstruction and rebranding of existing gas station NIS 9322 town of Stara Zagora"

The construction and installation operations incorporate the reconstruction of existing building with size of 10/8 meters:

  • demolition of existing walls and construction of new ones with plasterboard;
  • construction of new internal Water supply and sewage and electrical installation with new fixtures and luminaries;
  • complete replacement of the interior – wall lining, ceilings, furniture and equipment;
  • construction of new bathrooms;
  • bringing of the charging islands to the required size and provision of their safety as per the required standards;
  • laying of new pavement, markings and establishment of parking locations;
  • complete outside styling as per the specifications of Gazprom.