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"Trakia" Highway - from Stara Zagora to Nova Zagora

The project is funded by: Financing: OP "Transport 2007-2013"
Budget: 137 868 000 BGN
Start date: 09 Jun 2010
End date: 01 Jul 2012
Employer: Agency "Road Infrastructure"
Contractor: Consortium "Trace Highway"

Project: Completion of the construction of "Trakia" highway, lots 2, 3 and 3, Section: Lot 2 Stara Zagora – Nova Zagora, from km 210+100 to km 241+900 Funding: Operational program "Transport" 2007-2013, priority axis 2 "Development of the road infrastructure of the Trans-European and major national transport axis". The project is realized by the Cohesion Fund of the European Union and national co-funding. The contractor of the site is "TRACE HIGHWAY", with leading partner "Trace Group Hold" PLC and partners "PSI" AD, "SK-13 Patstroi" AD, "Patno Stroitelstvo" AD - Dobrich and "Viastroiinjenering" OOD. The supervision is performed by "Patinvenstengineering" AD.    Main type of works included in the project:

  • earth works – about 8 mil. cubic m.
  • production of materials and laying of road pavement;
  • bridge facilities – 20 pcs;
  • road junction at the crossing of "Trakia" highway with road І-5, Stara Zagora – Haskovo, stage connection of the highway with Road ІІІ – 534, Nova Zagora – Radnevo.
  • reconstruction of high-voltage power-lines and TT cables, water pipes, irrigation and drainage facilities.

The following construction of the road pavement is provided according to the project.

  • Asphalt layers:
  • Wearing layer by split mastic asphalt – 4 cm;
  • Binder (incompact bituminous concrete) – 6 cm;
  • Bituminous base – 12 cm
  • Main layers:
  • Cement stabilized base – 20 cm
  • Road bed, made of rubbled stone – 28 cm

Road junction "Stara Zagora", km 210+550 "Trakia" highway was opened officially on 14 October 2011, 8 months before the deadline. The road junction is constructed at km 210+550 at "Trakia" highway as per the "cloverleaf interchange" design, which allows the conflict-free crossing of the traffic at the highway and road I-5 Stara Zagora-Dimitrovgrad. The "cloverleaf interchange" design provides the opportunity for conflict-free inflow and outflow of the traffic in both directions /Orizovo-Burgas and Stara Zagora-Dimitrovgrad/ and minimalization of the conflict points of the road traces. The crossing between "Trakia" highway and road I-5 "Stara Zagora-Dimitrovgrad" is performed under angle of 92.40 Gradian through a bridging facility with four openings with total length of 68.50 m and openings of 16+18+18+16 meters. In the area of the junction, the overall dimensions of the first-class road I-5 extends from 9.00 m to 26.10 m for a distance of 140 m, including two road lanes with width of 10.55 m;- separation line - 2.00 m;- two banquettes of - 1.50 m. The road junction system, including the direct and indirect connections of the leaf clover design, covers about 900.00 m of the length of the trace of the highway.