Highways, roads and streets

LOT 17 program "Transit Roads V"

The project is funded by: European Investment Bank and the state budget
Budget: 23629673 €
Start date: 29 Sep 2011
End date: 30 Sep 2013
Employer: Agency "Road Infrastructure"
Contractor: Association "Trace Svoge"

Rehabilitation of Road II-16 "Mesdra Eliseyna.The-Svogbe-Novi Iskar" from km 0 +000 to km 81 778.84

    Section 1: Road II-16 from km 0 +000 to km 22 +544.90 "Mesdra-Rebarkovo Eliseyna.The"
    Section 2: Road II-16 from km 22 +550 to km 50 790.53 "Eliseina-Svogbe"
    Section 3: Road II-16 from km 50 to km 790.53 778.84 81 "Svogbe-Novi Iskar"

Information about the site and the planned construction activities:
Road II-16 occupies an important place in the national road infrastructure. It is an alternative to the road I-1 to connect the northwestern Bulgaria to Sofia for cities Svoge Mesdra a link to many tourist sites in the picturesque Iskar Gorge.
1. Background:
The rehabilitation road II-16 "Mesdra-Svogbe-Novi Iskar" from km 0 +000 to km 81 778.84 is divided into three sections. All three sections are in poor condition in terms of asphalt that is highly compromised, as well as the condition of large structures (bridges and tunnels). The road is unsafe, mainly because of rockfall processes, many horizantalni curves with small radii.
Road II-16 passes through 12 pcs. settlements, 23 pc. intersections, 5 pcs. tunnels, 2. railroad overpass, 32 pc. bridges.
2. Purpose and Design Solution
The aim of the rehabilitation and reconstruction of the road is to improve technical performance and load-bearing capacity of the pavement and roadbed to improve traffic safety and ride comfort.
The project envisages the following construction activities:

    rehabilitation of large equipment,
    rehabilitation of existing retaining walls
    reconstruction of some intersections
    restoration of pavement and laying dense bituminous concrete with high polyariruemost fractions in whole plot
    retrofitting and replacement of protective equipment.

3. Organization of construction during construction
Rehabilitation will be implemented without traffic diverting through Temporary traffic approved and coordinated design and depending on the program of work of the Contractor.
Executor of the Association is "Trace Svogbe" hosted by partner "Trace Group Hold" PLC and partner "Road Maintenance Dupnitza." Construction supervision is carried out by "Patkonsult 2000" The project is the work of "Via Plan" Ltd., Sofia.