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Bypass of the town of Vratsa

The project is funded by: OP "Transport" 2007-2013 and the national budget
Budget: 14 600 989, 45 BGN
Start date: 26 Apr 2013
End date: 06 Jul 2014
Employer: Agency "Road Infrastructure"
Contractor: Consortium "Bypass of the town of Vratsa"

Description of the project:

-          Total length of the section: 6,817 km.

-          The site is located on the route of the Pan-European transport corridor No. IV.

-          The project provides the construction of road underpass, four-column junction, roundabout and road junction.

The trace of the new road splits from road І-1 Montana – Vratsa at km 141+300.  The spit is going to be performed by a road junction "Trumpet" type, with underpass /km 0+687,75/.

The trace is finished at km 6+816,6, where it connects to the existing detour road. The trace has 8 horizontal curves in total.