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Bypass of the town of Montana

The project is funded by: Operational Programme On Transport 2007-2013
Budget: 46 572 618,11 BGN
Start date: 19 Sep 2013
End date: 29 Dec 2015
Employer: Road Infrastructure Agency
Contractor: "Bypass of the town of Montana" Consortium

Bypass of town of Montana is part of Road I-1 (E79) Vidin-Sofia and is located in the Pan-European transport corridor No. IV. The newly designed sections starts from kilometre 102+060 in the territory of the village of Dolna Verenitsa, where it is splitting from the existing road I-1 (E79), makes a bypass of the town of Montana, along its Northern part, crosses the road to town of Archar (road III-112), goes through the existing road junction to the town of Lom, crosses Ogosta River and reaches kilometre 114+512.20, where it again gets connected to the existing road I-1 (E 79) to the town of Vratsa.

The axis of bypass road of town of Montana has a length of 12,4522 km and crosses areas with well developed agriculture at the territory of the Montana municipality.

The crossing of the roads of the Republic (III-112 Archar – Vidin and II-81 Montana - Lom) and the Municipal road network is performed in two levels.

Four road junctions are provided in the section in question – at the begging and at the end of the Detour road and at the crossings with the Republic road network.

At km 110+814, through a railway overpass, the existing railway line Boichinovtsi – Montana – Berkovitsa is crossed.

At km 111+820, the road axis crosses the terrace of Ogosta River through four-opening bridge facility.

The project is co-funded by the Cohesion fund of the European Union through OP "Transport" 2007-2013 and state budget. The contractor for the project is Consortium "Bypass town of Montana", in which the participants are "Trace Group Hold" PLC, Sofia and "PSI", Stara Zagora. The construction control is provided by Union "NR – INFRAM - 2" with participants "NR CONSULT" EOOD, Haskovo and "INFRAM" AD, Prague.