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Reconstruction of the bridge in Burgas

The project is funded by: Operational Program "Regional Development" 2007-2013
Budget: 1 449 217, 51 BGN
Start date: 26 Nov 2012
End date: 21 Oct 2013
Employer: Burgas Municipality

Reconstruction, adaptation and functional renovation of "St. Anastasia" island, bridge and pre-bridge area, divided in two specified positions, as follows: 2nd specified position: Reconstruction of Bridge and pre-bridge area and differentiation of cultural and historical route.

The complete reconstruction of the Bridge is performed as per project "Cultural and historical heritage of "St. Anastasia" island and town of Burgas - attractive and competitive tourist destination", funded by Operational program "Regional development" 2007-2013, priority axis 3 "Sustainable development of tourism", operation 3.1 "Improvement of tourists attractions and the infrastructure related to them". The repair works include strengthening of corroded columns, laying of new surface, lighting, video surveillance, accessible environment for disabled individuals, renovation of the pre-bridge area and planting. The value of the project is 1,449,217.51 BGN.